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Oh, it’s the Liberal Democrat’s again. ‘Labour only turn up at election time’. Yeah, well I don’t remember you knocking on my door since last year.

Getting a bit annoyed by all these political leafleters setting off the video doorbell.

I've updated my blogroll. If you like that sort of thing, you can find it here:

If you're having a perfectly nice day, but want to stress yourself out, try making a Windows 10 boot disk from a Mac.

These old Thinkpads are great. Everything is so accessible. I can even replace the CPU!

Just replaced my laptop display, which was1366x768, to an IPS panel at 1920x1080. Enormous difference.

Also added another 8gb ram and a backlit keyboard. Feels like a new laptop!

Huh. This is new. I can’t read this article unless I register. There was always an option to decline before.

Working through 'The Big List of Personal Websites' ( This one has a very nice design:

My neighbour just put this through the door. I took a parcel in for him yesterday and for some reason the delivery bloke took a photo of me instead of the parcel and uploaded it as proof of delivery. My neighbour thinks this is hilarious.

Anyone else get these massive emails full of weird religion / conspiracy theories?

Finished watching The Mandalorian. Only ever seen one Star Wars film, so wasn’t expecting to understand it, but enjoyed it very much.

Idyllic Scottish island for sale. Opening bid is 80k. C'mon guys, lets all put in. I can put in *checks pockets* £1.74.

My daughter believes that my wife would outlive me in the Zombie Apocalypse. I am very put out by this.

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