@Luke Same for me with Vodka. 20 odd years later and I still can't touch the stuff.


@wizardofosmium My wife was on maternity leave when we got George. No chance off that happening again 🤣


@alan Yeah. It was a bit hacky when I did it, but I think the capability is in the default firmware now.

The POE hat provides enough power to the SSD as well, so each of them only has one cable connected, plus the drive. Very neat.


@alan Yeah, that's why both of mine boot from SSDs.

@alan I like that they take little space. I've got two sat in a drawer and they do most of our media & networking stuff. Not the most powerful machines, but very discreet.

@IanCykowski I've been reading through your blog. Wonderful stuff. It has definitely encouraged me to start planning some long walks.

@alan Probably best keep them on then. The ambient temperature where they are sat can reach 35 degrees on a hot day.

@fitheach Wife and I were thinking about whether we'll get a new dog when George leaves us (he's 13 now). We both agree that a puppy is a lot of work that we don't want, but we'd not considered rescue of an older dog. Worth thinking about.

@hjertnes I love my iPad. I probably do 60-70% of any non-work stuff on it.

@alan I've got cooling fans on my Pi's. They came with the POE hat. I keep wondering whether to take them off because I'm not 100% sure that they make much difference.

@ak But I would be interested in trying Barnsley Brew - I have a feeling that Barnsley folk know how to make a good cuppa.

@ak Always Yorkshire Tea if it's from a bag.

@matt I emailed someone a couple of months ago and his auto-responder basically said that everything is filtered into the bin while he's away, and to contact someone else.

Fair play to him. I find that most people have solved the problem they were emailing me about by the time I get back to them anyway.

@wyliecoyoteuk I very rarely each chocolate. I asked my wife to get me a bar of milk chocolate the other week and I couldn't finish it. Far too sugary. I don't like the taste of dark chocolate, so I'm shit out of luck.


@Ebrill On the bright side, you’re no longer stuck in an airport…

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