@kev I’ve not played with Nextcloud for a while, but when I did I seem to remember wishing that they would focus on doing one thing well rather than a mediocre job of loads of different things.

Might spin it up and have a play.


@stannard I’m from Scarborough originally, where we would have have balked at egg and chips and put fish on the plate instead.

Here in Hull it’s egg & chips.

@wizardofosmium I have genuinely never had any interest in visiting NI, but the suggested tunnel from Liverpool to Scotland would shave a bit of time off of my journey up there.


@Luke Lovely. Staring to feel like spring up here too.

@fitheach I tried Gentoo, many years ago. Cannot understand why anyone would voluntarily put themselves through that.

@kelbot That's cool. I didn't even realise there was a concept of 'feeds' with Gemlog.

I live and die by RSS, so struggle to imagine keeping up with anything that I can't subscribe to.

re: my profile avatar 

@andyc I missed the poll, but I would have definitely gone for Drug Crazed Zombie Caked in Flour. When it changed something felt amiss, like the world had shifted subtly on its axis. Pleased it's back.


@jbauer I’ve been very happy with the Kobo devices that I’ve used. It’s quite easy to add alternative software because they’re not locked down like the Kindle, but they provide a very good default reading experience.

Sparrowhawk eating prey 

@wizardofosmium Hate watching people eat. It always makes me hungry.

@berkes Mine does, uh, not fare as well. But at least I’m not mining Bitcoin.

@dick_turpin Did it come through your GP, or elsewhere. Because I don’t have a GP and wondering if now might be a good time to sort that out.

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