Today I will attempt to move my mastodon install from one server to another. It did not go well last time.

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@jamie Was it a case of just forgetting something or it being a major chore to migrate?

@neildarlow I think it was a database schema issue, with the server I moved to being more a more recent version than the one I moved from - or something like that.

The instructions seem better now, so I might not screw it up.

@jamie Can you run-up the new instance offline before shutting down your present one?

@neildarlow Yeah, that's pretty much exactly what the instructions tell me to do.

I probably wasn't paying attention last time.

@jamie good luck. Masto is a pain to manage. Thats why i installed pleroma.

@jamie Good luck! If I can’t get Pleroma working, I’ll move my Mastodon instance too.

Be sure to share your progress 😉

@jamie I gave up with Pleroma and installed instead.
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