I've tried really hard to like DuckDuckGo but I can't get on with it. I do like their image search though.

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@jamie is it the results? I tend to find that everything but technical searches are fine. When I don't get the results I need, I prefix my query with "!s" to use Startpage instead, which is basically Google.

I'd use Startpage full time, but the UI is horrible, I think.

@kev Yeah. I find myself hitting !g most of the time.

Now that you mention it, I have been doing a lot of nerd searches over the past few weeks. That might be it.

@jamie @kev Google always has better results from forum posts which is often where I find the answers to a lot of my searches. If I'm not looking up some obscure edge case then DDG's results are usually fine.

@fu I've not seen Startpage before. I'll give it a whirl.

@jamie i actually like ddg and use it almost exclusively
@jamie Your post inspired me to give DDG a go for a fortnight.

@andyc Let me know what you think. People here have convinced me that I might have a better time now that now my technical searches are over for a while.

Your posts inspired me to use Ecosia instead of Startpage for a fortnight ☺️

@jamie I use DDG for first searches. Usually it's fine, sometimes I fall back to Google which is usually, but not always, better.

OTOH, I sometimes think I should cut out the middle man and just search on Wikipedia…

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