Looks like iCloud Private Relay uses Cloudflare for at least some of its exit points.

I like it. Good to have this sort of protection baked in, despite the limitations.

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@jamie What's good about this - can Cloudflare be trusted?

@sjb I don’t think you can trust anything unless you own the hardware, but I trust them enough.

@sjb They’re only used as the secondary exit anyway, so I don’t think it matters that much - they can’t know the origin (if I understand it correctly).

@jamie @sjb Amen to that. And even if you own the hardware, at least if you are me 🙃, you then have to trust your ability to maintain it, that you understand it enough to know there is no back door of which you are unaware, and ditto for your redundancy systems.

In the main, better to have a trust relationship with ethical professionals.

@robert @jamie Do Apple and Cloudflare count as "ethical professionals"?

@sjb My willingness to tinker with custom roms and such ran out a while ago. Got to put my faith somewhere 🤷‍♂️


@jamie @robert Best not to put all your eggs in one (apple) basket. Browsing through a proprietary Apple internet and storing your files on an Apple server... Hope you have your own backups of those iCloud files.

@sjb I get the point, but thinking that people don’t have an understanding of the trade-offs when they choose a proprietary solution is a poor assumption.


@jamie @sjb Certainly Apple, Cloudflare and Co. are ethically questionable, but it seems everyone is these days.

Yes people should backup of their iCloud etc., but the same goes for NextCloud on a home based :raspberrypi:

Also speaking for myself, is I have accidentally lost everything on a self-managed server. To date, not a single file has gone missing from any corporate service I have used.

They may read my files, but that is a lesser concern than loosing them.

But as I use Tresorit...

@robert @jamie I'm not saying one particular thing is better than the other, more that you generally should have two independent options for backups (e.g. your own and Apple's).

We have Outlook 365 e-mail at work. We've had several hours of downtime a couple of times, Microsoft's fault, no e-mail for organsiation that day. "The Cloud" does not give you top-of-the-line uptime, it's a business like any other, so you get the minimum they can get away with.

@robert @jamie As for iCloud VPN, when I'm working on a proprietary OS (Windows here), I generally avoid using 1st party tools especially network ones, because proprietary integration is evil. So I use FireFox and Tor. No Outlook at home.

@jamie @robert Statistically speaking, it's a good assumption! Maybe not with the better informed people on the Fediverse, though.

@sjb Haha! True. that. But then, some of the better informed people on the Fediverse are the very system admins running the ProtonMail's, Apple's and Google's of this world. If they can maintain 99.99% uptime infrastructure for others are well placed for personal projects.

Perhaps not a 'typical' user sample. ;-)


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