With Windows 11 supporting Android apps, and M1 Macs running iOS apps via Catalyst, convergence between mobile and desktop is finally here.

Linux on the desktop looks increasingly irrelevant for the majority of users.

@jamie I see you takin aim 😂

I'm quite liking the move toward convergence stuff. It's been a looong time in coming. I mind Ubuntu trying it many moons ago.

@athairbirb I think it just winds me up. So many development hours and they can’t even come up with a consistent desktop experience.

I remember the Ubuntu phones. They looked cool.

@jamie it's mad annoyed me over years for Windows, so many employees and masses of money and it looked like a jumble of OSs

@athairbirb Haha. Yes, that’s true. I wonder if they have finally got rid of the Windows 8 stuff..

@jamie I’m seriously considering a MacBook Air as my next laptop.

@kev They look lovely. Suspect I’ll end up with one in the next couple of years. I’ve been running hackintosh for the last couple of years, but times running out with the move to ARM.

@jamie I mean, from a feature perspective, was it ever relevant?

We have wonderful features in the linux desktop and looking at some usability structures of Windows and MacOS, I would say some of the Linux desktop features are better, but I don't think these are the features a lot of people are looking for.

The reason why people use a Linux desktop mostly resides around belief and the fact that we are ad-free (for the most part?) and probably a little bit of "I also use it on the backend".

@sheogorath I’m a big fan of Linux on servers, and the Linux terminal in general.

@jamie @sheogorath i like linux on desktop except for accessibility. Linux accessibility DUCKS. I am running ubuntu 21.04 on a raspberry Pi 4.
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