These old Thinkpads are great. Everything is so accessible. I can even replace the CPU!

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@jamie Mine is so old, the keyboard flips up to reveal the disk drives, memory card (yes, card, 32mb!) Processor and everything else you can replace. Even better, the back of the display comes off, and you can then stick it on an overhead projector!

@GoatsLive Hah. I've never heard of a laptop that does that before!

@jamie I'll have to take some snaps later for you. It was new in 1994 I think it was.

@jamie Oh, yeah, I'd made a video of it back in January for @lunduke but never produced it. Rendering now...

@jamie I'll give this a try, but it might be too big (and I squashed it as much as I can for Mastodon)

@GoatsLive That is wonderful. Clever how everything pops out without any tools.

What's the purpose of the 32mb memory card - is it ram, or storage?

@jamie Ram! I didn't show off the video display though. The entire back pops off so you can overhead project it.

@GoatsLive Lovely little machine.

I was reading about old Thinkpads just now. There was one released in japan that had a built-in bubblejet printer!

@jamie I tried and tried to get Linux to run on this old beast, but it is unable to boot from CDROM and when I tried a network boot, it would boot but not install. I just never had the heart to toss it, it's so unique.

@GoatsLive You've got a piece of history right there. They'll never make them like that again.

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