I wouldn't bother in the current climate. Big risk of house prices shrinking, and of people getting laid off.

But best of luck to him!

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@jamie You're not wrong. I used that excuse when the wife hinted at decorating the bedroom! "Hmm? Not sure that's a good idea at the moment with the way the economy is. What if either of us lost our jobs? We might need that money." #DodgedAbullet

@dick_turpin I did the same when mine suggested we get a new front door. I reckon I can keep this going for at least another year.

@jamie LOL
When my misses says "Decorate" that's actually code for "Strip the whole room and replace EVERYTHING!"

A few months back we had new sofas (We did need them tbh), you would have thought that was enough? But no. Repaint everywhere, new carpet, new curtains, new cushions the list was endless and pleading "But, but it's just the sofas Bubb" fell on deaf ears.

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