I’m at that stage of a DIY project where:

1. I wish I hadn’t started
2. I’m really not sure how I’m going to put it back together again

WTF is wrong with you. Nobody wants to be here. Take a list, get your shopping and get out.

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I very rarely get mad at people, but I take exception to people walking around Asda like tourists on vacation.

Server transfer went without a hitch. I should get paid for this.

Just because you've put a 'high importance' flag on an emailed question late Friday afternoon, that you could have asked a week ago, does not guarantee an answer.

Today I will attempt to move my mastodon install from one server to another. It did not go well last time.

What’s the best place to learn chess for someone that has never played before?

My pet hate at the moment is internet people chastising other internet people and then ending with 'do better'.


I've tried really hard to like DuckDuckGo but I can't get on with it. I do like their image search though.

Runs on Arch. KDE plasma desktop. Maybe the year of the Linux desktop really is here.


Well, the young'un managed to be back at school for two days before her bubble burst again.

Looks like iCloud Private Relay uses Cloudflare for at least some of its exit points.

I like it. Good to have this sort of protection baked in, despite the limitations.

My daughter just opened the VR case, took a deep breath, and said ‘Mmmmm. Smells like Virtual Reality’.

Strange little girl.


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